Being involved in an airplane accident is understandably one of the most frightening experiences imaginable. Such accidents are often fatal, and survivors may suffer severe and life-threatening injuries. Injuries to the brain, spinal cord, internal organs and broken bones may require hospitalization, surgeries, and possibly years of rehabilitation and therapy.

Additionally, the emotional trauma of the accident can be significant. Survivors may continue to face psychological consequences, including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and other stress-related disorders, for years after the accident.

We help our clients account for the many short- and long-term damages they suffer as a result of the plane crash, helicopter accident or other aviation accident. These crashes are physically, emotionally and financially burdensome, and our lawyers are committed to helping clients address each of these effects when filing a claim. Serving all of Washington State, our accident lawyers have law offices in Vancouver and Mercer Island and we are happy to travel to you whenever necessary.

We Can Help You Identify and Prove What Caused the Aviation Accident

Many aviation accidents in the United States are the result of human error. Human error involves not only the pilot or pilots in charge of flying the aircraft, but also the air traffic controllers and other parties who may have a hand in operating the plane or helicopter.

But there may be other causes of these accidents, some of which may be the result of some party’s or parties’ negligence. Examples of causes and contributing factors of plane accidents are below.

  • poor weather and lack of visibility.
  • errors by air traffic controllers.
  • pilot fatigue.
  • poor maintenance or repairs of aircraft components.
  • and, defects in aircraft components.

Once we identify what caused the accident, we can start building a case to prove liability for the accident. If pilot error is to blame, then the pilots and their employers may be liable for damages that injured passengers – or family members of deceased passengers – suffer as a result. If air traffic controllers erred and created a dangerous scenario that caused the aviation accident, they and their employer may be liable.

We can provide more specific information about liability after we know more about the cause of the crash.

We’ll Help You Establish Damages in an Aviation Accident

Damages related to your injuries in a plane crash might include medical bills, lost wages or earning capacity, pain and suffering, and more. Our attorneys explore all the effects that the aviation accident had on the client to determine which damages to pursue in a lawsuit.

If you lost a family member in an accident, we will explore damages like funeral and burial expenses, loss of consortium, loss of guidance, and more. If your loved one had started a personal injury claim prior to death, you may be able to continue it to recover damages in a survival action.

We make sure our clients take advantage of all legal avenues available to them so they may recover the compensation they need after an aviation accident.

Speak with an Aviation Accident Lawyer Today

The rules and regulations that guide aviation law are complex and include federal as well as state guidelines. Further, lawyers from aviation companies may try to take steps to negate their clients’ liability for the accident and resulting damages.

If you suffered injuries in an aviation accident or lost a loved one in a plane crash, don’t jeopardize your rights by accepting whatever an aviation company offers you. Instead, speak to a lawyer at Holland Law Group about your case and which party or parties might be liable for your damages.