We Help with General Litigation for Various Types of Cases

A lot of civil lawsuits are related to personal injury. Victims who suffered injuries or lost a loved one because of the negligence of another can recover monetary compensation for their losses through a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury may involve the following.

Jim Holland Sr. has the experience.
  • auto accidents;
  • truck accidents;
  • medical malpractice;
  • premises liability;
  • governmental negligence;
  • products liability;
  • and more.

Litigation may also be necessary in other types of cases, such as commercial disputes, breach of contract actions, employment law, family law, landlord-tenant disputes, and more. Both Jim Holland, Sr. and Jim Holland, Jr. are experienced general litigators and have successfully handled a wide range of cases throughout Washington State. Speak to an attorney at the Holland Law Group to review the types of cases we handle.

Holland Law Group attorneys have decades of experience with civil litigation, ranging from real estate transaction litigation to business partnership disputes and other commercial contract litigation.  We routinely handle complex civil litigation for select individuals and businesses throughout the state, and are often brought in specifically as lead trial counsel in cases that are destined for a bench or jury trial.

We pride ourselves in a results-oriented approach designed to maximize the client’s end result while minimizing the risk and uncertainty of the litigation process.  We get to know our clients intimately throughout the litigation process, and our reputation is based on developing deep and lasting client relationships and providing legal services designed to meet all of our clients’ goals.

Call us at (206) 508-7777 to set up an appointment so you can review your case and discuss the legal and equitable options available. In many cases, we are able to travel to your location and serve Bellevue, Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, as well as neighboring cities and suburbs.

We Help You Every Step of the Way if You’re Filing a Lawsuit

A lawyer from our law firm will begin the process of initiating a civil lawsuit by filing a complaint, which clearly identifies the defendants in the case. The plaintiff, or the person who files the lawsuit, must serve the defendant with a copy of the lawsuit. The defendant is given time to file an appropriate response to the complaint. Once the defendant files the response, the plaintiff and defendant move on to the next stage, which is the discovery phase. In this phase, each side is given a chance to find evidence and facts of the legal issues at the center of the lawsuit. This phase includes a number of processes like depositions, interrogatories, and more. The conclusion of discovery will lead to a pre-trial conference in which the judge and lawyers can hash out any more issues regarding inadmissibility of evidence, witness testimony complications, and other matters. Depending on the jurisdiction, if a trial date has not already been assigned upon filing of the complaint, the court will then set the date for the trial. This process can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially for laypeople without proper legal training. With law offices on Mercer Island and in Vancouver, Our experienced general litigation lawyers handle all of these steps:

  • filing complaints;
  • filing answers;
  • working through the discovery phase;
  • continuing negotiations;
  • and, litigating in a court room if necessary.

Find an Attorney Familiar with General Litigation

There are various steps that you must take before you file a lawsuit, and various steps that must be immediately taken in defending a lawsuit. At every step of the process, there are stringent requirements to which you must adhere. There are also statutes of limitations with which you must comply. Make sure your attorney is not only familiar with the civil litigation requirements, but is also unafraid to take a case to the court room when negotiations with insurance companies or the other party are not successful.

Get help recovering compensation for damages you suffered because of another party’s actions, speak with a general litigation attorney at the Holland Law Group on Mercer Island. Our attorneys know the litigation process and will take cases to court when necessary to help our clients collect damages to which they are entitled. Call (206) 508-7777 to set up a consultation with an attorney about your case.