Under the law, an insurer is required to promptly and adequately pay your legitimate and valid claim. If the insurer does so, it is acting in good faith. However, some insurers fail to do so. They may use avoidance tactics, like delaying claims, denying the legitimacy of claims, and using other strategies to deny your claim.

In such cases, the insurance company is acting in bad faith. When this happens, you can file a bad faith insurance claim against the insurer to recover the full amount for which you are eligible. If an insurer unjustly denied your claim or is using stall tactics to delay it, the Holland Law Group can help you exercise your legal rights. Contact our law offices with locations in Vancouver and Mercer Island for legal questions and representation for your Insurance case.

We Help Address Bad Faith Insurance Practices by Auto Insurers

When you are involved in a car accident, one of the first steps that you will take is to get in touch with the insurer to file your claim. You may have taken all steps to file a substantial claim and have provided all the information that the insurance adjuster needs to process your claim and pay out promptly. But unfortunately, some insurers may still reject your claim.

In such cases, you may have grounds for a bad faith insurance claim. These claims may arise if the insurance adjuster makes a low settlement offer but refuses to give you any reasons for the low settlement offer. It might also arise if the insurer repeatedly requests information you already sent or refuses to communicate with you in a timely manner.

Understand that these practices are not uncommon in the insurance industry. There are a number of other bad faith insurance practices that our attorneys can help you evaluate and address in a claim. If you suspect an insurer is not acting in good faith, set up a consultation with the Holland Law Group.

We Also Address Bad Faith Insurance Practices by Home Insurers

As a homeowner, you diligently and responsibly purchase homeowners insurance to cover any damages to your home and personal property from accidents or natural disasters. However, even homeowners policies are subject to bad faith insurance practices to avoid covering damages related to wind, hail, or other events.

Insurers also may act in bad faith when presented with a fire damage claim. After a home fire, a homeowner is severely traumatized and distressed, and some may be ready to accept any settlement the insurer offers. Insurance companies take advantage of this and might make low offers that don’t cover all damages.

Make sure you do not accept a lowball settlement offer and address any delay tactics or unjust claim denials by taking your case to the Holland Law Group. Our bad faith insurance lawyers will investigate the original claim and review any correspondence you’ve had with the insurer, as well as any actions the insurer has taken regarding your claim.

Trouble dealing with your insurer? Discuss Your Case with an Insurance Law Attorney

If an auto insurer is refusing to pay your car accident claim or a home insurer is offering a low settlement for fire damage in your home, consult an attorney at the Holland Law Group on Mercer Island. If you are successful in a bad faith insurance claim, you may be able to recover damages for the original claim as well as additional damages.